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Land and Seascapes by Susan Westwood
Works in private collections.  All oils on panel unless stated otherwise.


"Through Hartshanger Meadow" 18X24 inches

"Shepherdess" 12X16 inches

"Children from Hawkridge Farm" 18X24inches

"A friend to lean on" 12X16inches

"Family skiing at Beaver Creek" 8X16inches

"Children in Westcott's Orchard"

8X10 inches

"Playing in Beaver Creek"16X16inches

"Marble Valley cattle grazing" 12X24

"Allerford Round-Up" 8X16inches

"Along the Canal" 18X24inches

"Beaver Creek Village" 16X20inches

"Moon over Brendon Moor" 12X16inches

"Beaver Creek Skating Rink"8X10inches


"Wooten Courtney Farm" 6X12inches

"Tending the Ponies" 8X10 inches

"Children of the Wild Sea" 18X24inches

"Mountain Stream"18X24inches

"Child Among the Apple Blossoms" 12X16inches

"The Challacombe Flock in Winter" 18X24inches

"Gathering Time"16X20inches

"Beside the Creek"8X10inches

"Hannah's Farm" 6X8inches

"The Gypsy Glen" watercolor

"Etian of Bri Leith"18X24inches

"The Mill Stream" 18X24 inches

"Evening Peace"24X24inches

"Children of Hawkcombe"18X24inches

"Stoat's Farm in Autumn"18X24 inches

"The Bridge at Exford"12X16inches

"Friendship" 16X20inches

"Gypsy Gloaming"18X24"


"Wash Day at Doverhay Cottage" 12"X16"

"The Haymakers" 18X24inches

"Exmoor Farm Shepherdess"

18X24 inches

"End of a Long Day" 12X16inches

"Misty Morning in Allerford"24X36inches

"The Bluebell Glade" 16X20 inches

"Beaver Creek Chapel with Spring Blossoms" 12X16 inches

"Rhiannon's Glen" 16X24inches

"Beaver Creek Chapel at Twilight" 8X10inches

"Beaver Creek Skiers"8X10inches

"The Bluebell Wood" 12X16inches

"Beside the Pond" 18X24inches

"Priory Pond" 8X10inches

"Lee Bay-Ebbing Tide"18X24inches

"Driving the Lillicombe Flock"watercolor

"Sheep drinking Allerford Stream" 18X24inches

"The Tow Path in Winter"18X24inches

"The Wild Ones" 24X30inches

"Over The Moor" 18X24inches

"Turning the Furrow"12X16inches

"Play-time" 15X30 inches

"Oare Farm" 24X36inches

"The Gypsy Road"16X20inches

"The Marquess of Lamberhurst Castle 15X30"

"Ewes in the Forest"18X24 inches

"Home Farm Sheep"11X14inches

"Little Red Boots"9X12inches

detail "Stoat's Farm in Autumn"

"Westcot's Field"
15X30 inches

"Girl in Lynch Lane"9X12inches

"Sharing Secrets" watercolor

"The Shepherd" 16X20inches

"Lanacre Cottage"9X12 inches

"The Visitor" 18X24"

"Throuh Culbone Glen" 18X24"

"Cattle by Priory Water" 12"X16"

"The Tea-Time Club" 12X12 watercolor

"Somerset Farm Pigs" 14X14 inches

"Farm Hands" 8X10inches


"Still Morning" 18X24inches

"Through Shillett's Coombe" 18X24inches

"Poole Bridge in Winter" 18X24 inches

"Children from Yearnor Farm"


"Stepping Stones"12X16inches

"The Tow Horse"12X16inches

"The Allerford  Flock" 12X16 inches

"Moonrise over Wessex Downs" 12X16inches

"Rowena's Garden"18X24inches

"Elworthy Cottage Garden" "20X24inches

"Bossington Farm"12X16inches

"Watersmeet" 18X24"

Lady of the Loch 18X24inches

"Stoat's Farm"12X16 inches

"Schoolgirl on the Packhorse Bridge" 12X16inches

"Catherine's Cottage" 9X12inches

"Sheep beneath a shady tree"5X7inches

"Hendon Farm Sheep"6X12inches

"Oare sheep study" watercolor

"The Bossington Lane Cat" 6x12inches

"Wythicombe Village Girls"watercolor

"3 ewes in wooded Meadow"

5X7 inches

"Snow in the Valley"8X10inches

"The Old Mill" 9X12inches

"Shepherdess in Horner Woods"


"Brendon Hill Farm" 15X30inches

"Owen's Ewes" 6X12inches

"High Country"6X12inches

"House by the Rushing River"

"The Glen" 18X24 inches



Ravens of Luckbarrow
18X24 inches

"Race the Wind"
24X36 inches

18X24 inches

Children of Luccombe

"Moonlit ride to Dulverton"

"Lady Windmere"
12 x 16 inches


"Snow on the Barle"
9 x 12 inches

"Bryn's Orchard"
18 x 24 inches


"Team Work"12X16 inches


Schoolchildren in Sparkhays Lane 12X16 inches

"Meadow Racing"
12 x 16 inches

"Sarah's Garden"
12 x 16 inches

"The Shepherd's daughter 24X36 inches

"Piggy in the Middle"
18 x 24 inches


"The Church Sheep"
12 x 16 inches


15 x 30 inches


"The Allerford Flock" watercolor


12 x 16 inches

Cottages on the Silver Loch
16X20 inches

"Sheep in the Snow"
8X10 inches


"Call of the Kittiwake"
18 x 24 inches

"Exmoor Cottages"
12 x 16 inches

"Crossing Hampstead Heath"
12 x 16 inches



Reproductions of famous paintings



For more information regarding Oils, Giclees, and Portraits please contact Susan Westwood.

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