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Available Works



The original paintings below are currently available in Galleries or in Susan's studio. For more information on prices and framing options, please call: 303-423-8146 All paintings are original oil on panels
Credit card orders by phone are accepted.

"Through Hartshanger Meadow" 14X18inches

"Luccombe Valley Parish" 14"X18"

"Platte Valley Ranch" 18X24inches

"Millie's Trail" 6X12 inches watercolor

"Beaver Creek Skating Rink" 18X24inches

"Beaver Creek Skating Rink" watercolor 8X10 inches

"Sun and Surf" watercolor 5X7 inches

"Riding through the heather"10"X14" watercolor

"Wave Racers"6"X8 " watercolor


"Hummingbird" 4X4 inches

"Two Black-Faced Ewes in the Orchard"

"Child among the flowers Beaver Creek" 6X8 inches

"The Farmer's Daughter"6X12inches

"Cottage in Spring"8X10inches

"The Early Birds" 12X24 inches

"The Bluebell Glade" 14X18inches

"Rocky Mountain Sunshine"24X24inches

"Grazing Cattle Marble Valley" 12X24inches

"Venturing out" 16X20inches

"Bringing home the Christmas tree" 16"X24"

"Summer Wishes" 24X36 inches

"Beaver Creek Bridges" 8X16inches

"Riding to Lynch" 8X16inches

Susan's work is currently showing in:

Karins of Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Village, CO

Christmas Art Show 2015


 Painting outside Karins  July 4th week end

"Porlock Ponies"8X12inches


"Beaver Creek Ice Rink" 8X10inches

"The Tea-Time Club" 12X12inches watercolor

"High Country Aspens"10X20inches

"Beaver Creek Chapel in Fall" 10X10 inches

"Visiting Beaver Creek Chapel" 11X14inches

"Beaver Creek Chapel by the trail" 8"X10"

" Beaver Creek Bridge" 6X8inches

"Mountain top Spruce" 6"X12"

"Beaver Creek Chapel" 8"X10"

"Mountain Lake" 6"X8"

"First Snow" 5"X7"

Etian of Bri Leith Giclee 18"X24"







For more information regarding Oils, Giclees, and Portraits please contact Susan Westwood.

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